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    Cultural Galapagos where a unique civilization blossomed is Japan and today thrives in delicious contrasts of traditional and modern culture, food and people. Also known as The "Land of the Rising Sun" is a country where the past meets the future by wikitravel. You can experience the best scene of humor and unique culture by exploring Japan.

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    Kingdom of Cambodia is the 69th most populous country in the world. Different ways to enjoy the rich history of Khmer, Phnom Penh offer a rich history traced by Khmer and French influences that easy recognized at Khmer and French style combination temples, villas, building. The world famous wonder of Angkor Wat the gateway to majestic ruins of Angkor, provides you unforgettable chance to walk in the jungle with much unique architectures including Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, etc and meet Cambodian friendly people.

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    Vietnam will let you feel yourself in an artist's masterpiece combination of traditional scenes in an imaginative way, merging any distinction between visual euphoria and perceptive experience. Intensely colorful landscapes are the setting for your own masterpiece which you must experience, with culture and heritage captivated as the subject. Every single sence of Vietnam is equally hypnotic painting.