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    Myanmar, The Golden land

    Ultimate feast for the senses, an unexplored land serving up tempestuous offerings of indulgence is Myanmar. Its unadulterated best remain at the exoticism, colorfully infusing the banquet within a casing of authentic culture and achingly vibrant tradition.Today is the day to start experience this untamed gem with the country leisurely opening to the world.

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    The Maldives is the best premier tropical beach destination to relax, unwind from the hectic and chaotic lifestyle of nowadays world. Maldives is a place more sea than land, you must experience the never ending water activities. Maldives sea have high visibility throughout the year, with water clear enough to see the passing fish as far as fifty meters away at times. Over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures for you to experience here.

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    South Korea (Republic of Korea) is a country in East Asia's highest ranked developed country, with four different marvelous seasons annually, Autumn season is the best time to visit when the perfect weather comes. Visitors who are spoil for a choice in attractions, accommodation, culture, food, shopping and entertainment due to variety of choices need to make. The best comfortable time to visit Korea is during the autumn months (September-November).